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Massage Therapies, Chair Massage, Wellness & Skin Therapies

NYC Healing Hands specializes in in-home massage therapy, pre and post natal massage therapy, office chair massage, skin therapies and wellness treatments. We serve Manhattan, Westchester, The Bronx and the surrounding areas. Let us be a part of your special event. 

Office Chair Massage,  Ionic De-Tox Foot Baths,  Reikki,  Anti-Aging Facial Treatments,  Medical Massage Therapy,  Pre and Post Natal Massage Therapy,  Magnetic Pulse Therapy,  Therapeutic Yoga For Pain,  Retreats,  Corporate Events,  Infra Red Therapy 


One Of Our Reviews- (We LOVE our clients...) “I honestly typed into Google®, 'The best massage therapist in NYC' and I ended up finding NYC Healing Hands. My wife just had a baby 6 months ago and does not have the time or energy to go get work done. She was in a lot of pain and I needed to help her. The therapist from NYC Healing Hands was so professional and amazingly good. My wife and I are so thankful. I did find the best therapist in NYC. Thank You!!"—David and Elana Simmons

Massage Therapist

Sacred Ground Retreats

Join us in Bali Feb 21st-27th and April 4th-10th 2017. Yogassage, massage therapy, anti-aging treatments, ayurveda treatments, raw foods and nature.

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Spa Parties

Wellness Events

At NYC Healing Hands we specialize in alternative modalities for in home and office chair massage treatments, corporate events and wellness events. Ask us about our Spa and Wellness Consulting.

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Corporate Events

Body and Skin Therapies

Ionic De-Tox Foot Baths, Regenerating and anti-aging facials, peels and cellulite treatments.

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Harmony and Balance

Our In-Home Services or Office Chair Massage Services

Client Oriented Massage Therapy

Energy Healing

Pre Natal Massage

Post Natal Massage

Post Surgery Massage

Hot Stone Massage


Swedish Massage Therapy

Medical Massage

Anti-Aging Facial Massage 

Myofascial Massage


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